Stop the Couch Potatoness


positive effects of workingout


How many of you have said “I can’t workout today, I’m too tired”, I don’t have time”, “the weather is really bad”, “the gym is always too crowded” or “I don’t have somebody to workout with”? Continue reading “Stop the Couch Potatoness”

Work That Booty


Hellooo sunshines! This post is devoted to all of us who want to get in shape, but we luck in motivation to exercise. However, That Booty is not going to be built by itself. Yes, I know, maybe lately you’re not feeling up to workout, and even the thought of going to the gym seems a nightmare – the last month, I have to admit, I feel this way, too – but you can’t give up.

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Lift That Booty; The Challenge

Recently I met a friend of mine that I haven’t seen for a while and I noticed that something had changed on her. She didn’t lose or gain weight and as far as I knew, she didn’t use to have a good relationship with the gym and generally exercise. Her body, though, and especially the lower parts, seemed to be in a very good shape. Well, obviously I couldn’t help but ask her what the heck she had done

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